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Anonymous asked: Let's go to London and Paris and get lost down the streets that no one takes anymore and I'll buy you a cup of coffee at a Parisian secret so we can make it ours.

This almost makes me want to cry it sounds so great. I’ll start packing my suitcase.

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Anonymous asked: i think you posted one man's butt, did any more submit?

I didn’t get ANY boy butts, and I’m legitimately so sad over it.

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Anonymous asked: Aww I was kinda sad I didn't get to see my butt! But thank you for doing butt day! How fantastic! Will you do it again soon? Or do we have to wait a whole year? :)

I thought I posted them all! Y’all are more the welcome to submit your beautiful booty to me at any time. I’ll publish at your discretion. Xo 💖